Alan Harris is a world class songwriter, guitarist and singer who keeps the Johnny Hartman tradition alive. He was born and lives in the USA but he regularly visits our continent, e.g. performances and CDs with Turkey's No 1 Jazz Pianist Kerem Görsev, he is a regular guest at Jazz Festivals in Europe like Vienna Jazz Festival or the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy.


This summer we will be able to listen to him live in Europe in Moscow, Russia and Bodrum, Turkey.


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Allan Harris live in Perugia 2011

Three wishes .....


We asked Allan Harris about his three wishes in his life at the moment. His answer was very interesting .... he said:


"My biggest wish for my career is that I be blessed with good health so that I can continue to sing and play guitar to audiences around the world. But I must add that I am most excited about the success of my musical, Cross That River, which will have its first professional booking in Theatre Aspen in the summer of 2013!"