Istanbul - the only city in the world located on two continents - Europe and Asia ... divided by the Bosporus and connected by two bridges - old and new, tradition and modernity, old history (Byzanz) and one actual focus point in the East-European politics - you find everything in this pulsing, modern, hectical city. A great place for some holidays and a great place for interesting music.


Newsweek nominated Istanbul as the "hippest European City" - and this is simply true. This city never sleeps. During the day 15-16 Mio people are making this city to one of the busiest places you can imagine - but the atmosphere is breathtaking: in the old town with all its sights (Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Cisterne, Covered Bazaar, Egyptian bazar), the new town around Isteglal with all his shopping possibilities and the Galata Tower, Ortaköy or the Asian part (you must have seen Kadiköy or Bagdad Caddesi or the stadium of Fenerbahce) - everywhere you can feel the city in the different moods and colours.


Especially at night in the new town is bringing another highlight for sightseeing. In hundreds of bars, discotheks (e.g. Reina, Sortie), restaurants (e.g. Mikla fine dining or Kantin with most probably the best cuisine in town) all the young people are making the night to day! The night will not end before the early morning if you like.


On top you can find the best Jazz clubs you can imagine. The best place to be is - now for many years - Nardis, close to the Galata Tower. Zühal Focan is running this club where the best local musicans and from time to time also a lot of international guests are showing their talents. Recently Roy Hargrove played there or few months before that Chris McBride and many, many others. Its always worth going there.


Other places you might visit when you are interested in Jazz: Ilhan Ersahin's Nublu Istanbul in Karaköy, Babylon in Beyoglu, Jazz Cafe and many more .... not to forget the wonderful Jazz festivals like the Istanbul Jazz Festival in July or the Akbank Festival in October where many interesting, international stars are playing.


I never understood how it is possible to sleep in this town. It's simply not possible. You can relax everywhere but not in old Constantinopel.





Today we found in internet a very interesting and entertaining page concerning the history of Jazz in Turkey - from the 1920s until today. A lot of beloved Turkish musicans are telling stories and experiences. In small films you can learn a lot of the music in this country and you can feel the atmosphere of wonderful Istanbul. By the way the content supervisor is the famous Zühal Focan who runs the Nardis Jazz clubin Istanbul.


Listen to it and enjoy ....