May 2013

Mulgrew Miller (1955-2013)


With deep sadness we learned that one of the most influential jazz  pianists of our time - Mulgrew Miller - died on May 29 as a result of a stroke. Mulgrew recorded more than 500 albums mainly as accompanying some major jazz figures like Betty Carter. He also did 15 albums under his own name. 


May his soul rest in peace.

From Chicago to New Orleans


As announced earlier we made the first Travel4Jazz presentation in Hoyerswerda, Germany. It was a presentation into the history of Jazz, the roots we often do not consider enough. It was a lovely evening in the castle of Hoyerswerda with lots of interested audience and a lot of fun.


To give you some impression we bring you here one of the first videos we presented there featuring Louis Armstrong - where you can also get a feeling of talking instruments - the trumpet starts a melody and the clarinet answers and develops the piece further..... (1964!)


If you are interested in more information to this presentation - please let us know. The basis of this trip you also can read in our blog.