Travel and Jazz

The combination of exciting travelling and fascination of Jazz music is the key driver for that webpage.


Whenever you feel the exictement coming up - we will try to support you in following our paths - with some travel agencies helping you to combine sightseeing with music.


Who are we? We are jazz listeners of different styles from blues to free jazz. There are two paths of our interest. First there is the history and development of the different styles in the last 100 years and the other path brings us to the actual and strong development of Jazz in Europe. To show the places of history and to bring you closer to the European development of this music - combined with art, architecture and culture - is our main interest.


CLUBS: the living culture of Jazz is still in small clubs, often hidden corners - to bring these places and the masterminds behind the scenes closer to you is our first aim.

PLACES: We want to bring you closer to the mainstream developments - Festivals are presenting often the latest developments; being there show the possibilities.

ARTISTS: The most important thing is of course to bring you closer to artists and to their ideas. We will try to get a lot of interviews with the known and unknown artists, maybe some record reviews. Lets see ....

ART&CULTURE: Combinend we often see "more". Wonderful places and locations where additional holidays can be attractive. To combine holidays with music is our second aim.


                                         BE SURPRISED!